Biggest UK Bookmakers

The United Kingdom is the home to some of the biggest bookmakers which offer betting services all across the globe. Nearly 50% of the UK citizens manage to place one or two bets in a month while over 75% of them place bets annually. When you look at the statistics, you will be tempted to know what’s really behind the UK citizens’ enthusiasm towards betting.

What happens is that in the UK, all the bookmakers offering betting services are regulated and licensed under the local authorities and must adhere to the UK Gambling Act.

In addition to this, major bookmakers offering trusted betting services have played a major role in sustaining the UK economy. Below are three of the biggest UK bookmakers and more are listed here at which have played a significant role in Britain’s betting industry.


With over 200 years of booking, Ladbrokes is a synonymous name not only recognized in Britain but across Europe. The company has established over 2400 retail shops offering betting services on a huge array of sports and horse racing.

Ladbrokes success has been boosted by an outstanding operator’s vision and strategy which has managed to perfectly satisfy punters’ betting needs. Bettors are able to place their wagers using 17 different currencies with over 800,000 clients holding active accounts.

William Hill

Founded over 70 years ago; William Hill’s name has reached the overseas markets due to their firm and trusted betting services. The company offers both online and offline betting services in over 175 countries accepting 11 different currencies and 6 foreign languages.

William Hill has established over 2400 licensed betting shops in UK alone offering over 500,000 betting opportunities on a weekly basis. With such outstanding betting services, it’s not a wonder to argue that William Hill holds nearly 25% of Britain’s betting market.


With a rich 80 years of betting experience, Coral has cultivated a lot to sell their brand in the UK as well as the overseas betting markets. The company has established over 1400 betting shops in UK as well as others in Italy operating under the name Eurobet.

As a subsidiary of the popular Gala Coral Group, Coral is a trusted bookmaker which strategizes on offering the best betting services to UK as well as overseas punters.